Sunday, June 24, 2007

Kuhio Grill

Home of the infamous 1 lb. lau lau. I was so looking forward to Kuhio Grill because it seems like I have been on a quest the last few years trying to find a place that puts butterfish in their lau lau like back in small kid time. Unfortunately Kuhio Grill also did not have any butterfish in their lau lau, but was tasty nonetheless. It's not like a huge piece of butterfish would be in the lau lau, but it helps to add another layer of flavor to the pork and taro leaves, bringing some brinyness and some richness to the dish.

They do have several types of lau lau available such as salmon or chicken, but I was here for the traiditonal one.

The staff is very friendly here although somewhat on local time.

Kuhio Grill
111 East Puainako Street, #A106
Hilo, HI 96720-5295
(808) 959-2336

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