Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Joey's Smokin' BBQ

Seems like Joey's Smokin' BBQ is popping up all over the place recently. Partly owned by LA Laker Luke Walton, Joey's has currently has six locations with another slated to open shortly.

You can't categorize Joey's as a certain type of BBQ, as it is a mixture of various styles. For instance, the Baby Back Ribs come either with a sweet glaze, dry rubbed or "wet" with a sauce that is distinctly vinegar based although being touted as mild-spicy BBQ sauce.

The Texas Long Horn Beef Ribs come three to an order and are almost Flintstonian in size. Although not quite as big as Lucille's, they come pretty close. The meat is super tender and falls right off the bone. It comes dry rubbed and a little of the sweet sauce glazed on top. The ribs are electric smoked and then thrown on top of the grill for some char and grill marks.

Most plates come with a choice of one side. The Baked Yam with Brown Sugar also comes with a dollop of Cinnamon Butter. Unfortunately, the yam is rather pedestrian in nature. It tastes like its been microwaved, then thrown on the grill to add a few grill marks and perhaps give the impression that its been slowly cooked. The Cinnamon Butter adds an interesting twist. The combination of the Brown Sugar and Cinnamon Butter almost makes it dessert like.

The Cornbread is also rather sweet and "cakey". Unfortunately, it looks like it came out of a box. The cornbread does have its fans though.

Joey's is a welcome addition to any neighborhood. I haven't had the chance to explore the menu much, but if the Beef Ribs are any indication, then you probably can't go wrong with any of their barbecued items.

Joey's Smokin' BBQ
4201 Grand Avenue
Chino, CA 91710
(909) 902-5639