Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Cafe Du Monde

One of the classical icons of New Orleans, Cafe Du Monde has been around since 1862. They are open 24 hours a day except for Christmas. One of the great things about Cafe Du Monde and New Orleans in general is that you get people from all walks of life, and the later you go the more varied the cast of characters you are likely to meet. Go after midnight and you can bet your bottom dollar that everyone is trying to sober up after a long night of drinking.

The beignets come three to an order. Shaped in squares, these fabulously fried pieces of dough are then given a liberal sprinkling of powdered sugar. Cooked to a nice golden brown on the outside, and moist airy and a bit dense on the inside, these are perfect for either filling you up or absorbing some of the alcohol in your system.

After placing our order and taking a seat at one of the tables, our waitress arrived shortly after being seated. The beignets arrived piping hot, fresh out of the fryer despite it being 3 AM. We started talking to her and she told us this story of two guys coming to Cafe Du Monde each with a gallon of milk in hand. They both proceeded to eat 48 beignets (16 orders) each while each polishing off the gallon of milk. Like I said, who knows who you're likely to run into here.

Come for the beignets, stay for the atmosphere!

Cafe Du Monde
800 Decatur Street
New Orleans, LA 70116
(504) 525-4544


Mike said...

I see you went there too after a long night of drinking on Bourbon Street if you ended up there at 3 AM.

Vegasbuff said...


Yeah, nothing experiencing beignets at the end of the night when just about everything else is closed.