Sunday, January 20, 2008

Thai Original BBQ

I’ve never been to Thailand, so I wouldn’t know what authentic Thai food is like, but it seems like most Thai restaurants are rather “Americanized”. I’m sure you can find an authentic dish or two at any restaurant, but most menus seem to hold back on the spice and punch of flavor that could send it on another plane.

The Tom Yum Kai, is the quintessential hot and sour soup. Both spicy from chili and sour from lime juice, this soup is laden with tender cuts of chicken, straw mushrooms, carrots and cilantro. The heat and pungency will clear your sinuses in a heartbeat.

The Beef & Broccoli seems out of place in a Thai restaurant since most people expect this dish to be in a Chinese restaurant. The beef is tender and flavorful, the broccoli crunchy and the oyster sauce gives it a delicate sweetness. While I don’t really consider this a Thai dish, I’ve seen it served in just about every Thai restaurant I’ve been to.

The Thai BBQ Chicken is a half chicken that is moist on the inside and a delicate yet crunchy skin on the outside. The charred skin adds a smoky nuance to the chicken. The dish is served with a sweet and spicy sauce that adds another dimension of flavor. Served with some rice and this dish is a winner.

Certainly not up to par with Thai Nakorn, but Thai Original BBQ certainly fits the bill when you have a craving for Thai food. And it isn’t too bad for a chain.

Original Thai BBQ
2911 Chino Avenue
Chino, CA 91709
(909) 590-1009


elmomonster said...

I've eaten at this Thai BBQ when I lived in Chino Hills. Their fried rice is probably the best fried rice I've ever had. Period!

Vegasbuff said...


Thanks for the heads up. Definitely will give it a try.

Chubbypanda said...

A Thai friend of mine told me that most dishes at Americanized Thai places are sweeter and much less spicy then the authentic versions. Then he told me to eat at Thai Nakorn. =b

Vegasbuff said...


Quite a contrast your friend presents you. Americanized Thai vs. Thai Nakorn. Hmmm, which would I choose??? LOL