Sunday, November 11, 2007

Jolly Jug

The Jolly Jug is an old school diner. Famous for their sandwiches, this place has been seemingly around forever. Beige Naugahyde booths adorn the small dining room. This is a mostly locals joint, where regulars often frequent.

The Beef Dip is a large sandwich with loads of chopped beef on top of a French roll. The bread has a very thin, but super crunchy crust, while the interior is cottony soft. This is a straightforward sandwich, just meat and bread. What accompanies the sandwich is a different story altogether. Instead of au jus, a small bowl of gravy accompanies your sandwich for dipping. This is your standard brown gravy, but has a slight hint of something in the background, perhaps nutmeg. The beef was a little dry, but the gravy did its job in moistening and giving extra flavor to the sandwich.

The Pastrami Dip Sandwich is unlike any that I have ever had before. The pastrami is not cured for a very long time, and has sort more of a brined flavor. This gives the meat a fresher, and somewhat saltier taste than your normal Pastrimi. The meat is very lean and piled on high. As with the Beef Dip, the same gravy is served with the Pastrami. The unusual combination of the pastrimi and gravy was a new and interesting twist, which perked up your usual Pastrimi sandwich.

The Jolly Jug serves good food at a reasonable price, but more than anything is a bit of nostalgia.

Jolly Jug
4264 Peck Road
El Monte, CA 91732
(626) 444-8425


polar said...

You had me at gravy. Looks yummtastic. (Yes, I just made my own word.)

Vegasbuff said...


It's definitely a twist on the traditional au jus. And the gravy has that subtle undertone of some spice.