Sunday, November 25, 2007

Joey's BBQ

Joey’s BBQ is a neighborhood joint that has three locations in the Inland Empire. Many people swear that this is the best BBQ around, and while although good, I’m not sure that I agree with that statement.

Joey’s is set in an old house that has an Old West feeling and styling. In the back, there are picnic tables where an old Cowboy plays Country and Western music to entertain the waiting throngs of people to be seated. You can also choose to sit outside and eat if you choose.

The Meatloaf comes wrapped in bacon. How can one resist not ordering this? The portion is rather generous and comes with a light BBQ sauce glaze. The meatloaf is just what you’d expect, nice and meaty inside that is nice and juicy. The bacon fat rendered in the cooking process gives the meatloaf even that much more flavor. The meatloaf comes with two sides; the corn on the cob is your standard fare. Nice and sweet, the corn is just perfect with some butter, salt and pepper. The Homemade Potato Chips were a bit on the wilted side. I think the chips were cooked in oil that wasn’t up to temperature as most of them were on the greasy side.

The Beef Ribs are nice, thick and meaty. Although Joey’s is a BBQ place, the ribs had a distinctive grilled flavor. There was a giant smoker outside, so perhaps they are smoked first and then finished on the grill. The ribs have a slightly sweet BBQ glaze on top of them, adding a nice sweetness and cutting down on the richness of the beef. The Baked Sweet Potato comes topped with butter and marshmallow crème. The Sweet Potato could have been baked a little longer to bring out the inherent sweetness of the tuber, but the amount of butter seemed to overwhelm the taste of everything.

Joey’s is a good neighborhood place. Without that many BBQ places to choose from this is a good choice with good value and friendly service.

Joey’s BBQ
3689 Riverside Drive
Chino, CA 91710
(909) 628-1231


Anonymous said...

I like this place. One of the better BBQ places around.

Vegasbuff said...

Yes, the BBQ here is pretty good. The sides didn't inspire too much though.