Thursday, May 3, 2007

Las Cotijas #2

Situated in an unassuming shopping center, this little gem churns out some of the best fish tacos and at a bargain price. This is the type of place that you would normally walk by without giving it a second thought. Big mistake!

Yes, it's true that it's not eye catching either on the outside or the interior, but its lack of "fashion sense" is more than made up for by producing excellent food.

There are only about 10 tables, and they are situated rather close together so you do get somewhat of a claustrophobic vibe.

The fish tacos ($2.19) are full sized, not the kind that you would find at La Salsa. And the fish takes up most of the tortilla. They are deep fried to a crisp golden brown, crunchy on the inside, delicate and flaky on the inside. The are topped with cabbage, salsa and the obligatory white sauce.

Considering that most restaurants that have fish tacos are similar in price for the "baby tacos", these are a steal.

Las Cotijas #2
642 E. 1st Street
Tustin, CA 92780
(714) 832-7681

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