Monday, September 17, 2007

Nick's Taste of Texas

Set in a spacious warehouse with exposed brick walls and all things Texas, Nick’s Taste of Texas is a favorite among locals. Looking at the menu, it’s hard to decipher which direction this restaurant is going. The overwhelming majority of the items are Mexican in nature, with Caldo (soup), Menudo, Fajitas, Tamales and Enchiladas adorning the menu, but peculiar items such as Chicken Fried Steak, Poorboys, Chili and BBQ can also be found. Nick’s prides themselves in being a “Tex/Mex” restaurant, and in that they succeed with the diversity of selections.

Nick’s is like an indoor picnic. After placing your order, you take a seat at one of the many picnic tables lined with butcher paper that are set up family style. When your order is ready, your number is called and your food is delivered to you.

The Brisket plate is a generous portion of sliced brisket that is topped with a slightly sweet and tangy BBQ sauce. The brisket is very tender and flavorful, but a smoke ring is absent and there isn’t that smoky taste one would expect. The brisket plate is served with a small salad of iceberg lettuce and red cabbage. A small bowl of pinto beans also comes as a side. The beans have a slight hint of cumin, which gives them an added spice dimension.

The Beef Ribs come three to an order, and are fairly big in size. The ribs are grilled, not barbecued. The grilling makes the meat a little tough and oily. With the amount of grease that the grilling renders, it’s hard to really discern how much flavor the ribs actually have. As with the brisket, the same BBQ sauce is served with the beef ribs. A small side salad and a bowl of beans are also served with the dish.

The meals are served with flour tortillas, which are the thickest I have ever seen in my life. They almost seem like flour pita bread. The tortillas are freshly made, pillowy soft and a little chewy. The tortillas are perfect for making your own tacos, depending on what you order, or for sopping up any leftover BBQ sauce.

Prices are very reasonable and portions are fairly large. Although the beef ribs were not successful, I would like to explore more of the menu.

The hours at Nick’s Taste of Texas are also somewhat of a deterrent. They close at 8 PM during the week, and 9 PM on Friday’s and Saturday’s. Perhaps there is an underground Hoe Down after hours???

Nick’s Taste of Texas
545 N. Citrus Avenue
Covina, CA 91723
(626) 331-2824


J said...

The brisket is good here and the price is right.

Vegasbuff said...


Yes, the brisket is very good here, although I would like a little more spice to it. And their prices are definitely affordable.