Sunday, April 29, 2007

Senor Baja

Located in the Chino Spectrum, Senor Baja is a fairly new restaurant with clean lines and minimalist decoration. There is a surfboard hanging from the ceiling when you first walk in, welcoming you to Senor Baja. There are pictures of Baja scattered throughout the restaurant. The menu isn't overwhelimg, but contains items that most are familiar with. The only "scary" item on the menu would be the lengua (tongue) tacos.

The fish tacos (!1.49) are made with hand battered fish filets, crisp and freshly shredded cabbage and a white sauce that tastes like watered down mayo. The ingredients are placed on two warm corn tortillas. There is a wonderful texture and temperature contrast between, the warm corn tortillas, crisp fried fish filet and the crunchy cabbage.

The taquitos ($3.49) come 3 to an order, covered with a huge mound of cabbage and white sauce and a big scoop of guacamole on the side. The taquitos are also hand made and have a nice amount of beef in them. The guacamole has a nice little tang to it, but nothing over powering.

The tacos are comparable to Rubio's, but are a little bit better in my opinion.

Senor Baja
3908 Grand Ave. Unit A
Chino, CA 91710
Phone: (909) 902-5110

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